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Elicitation and Aggregation of Crowd Forecasts: 

Mellers, B., Salikhov, M., Satopää, V. A., and Tetlock, P.  "Types of Crowd Wisdom." (In Progress)

Satopää, V. A. “The Super Wisdom of the Crowd,” (Working Paper).

Satopää, V. A. “Collecting Information from Multiple Forecasters: Inefficiency of Central Tendency.” (Working Paper, Paper)

Satopää, V. A. “Regularized Bayesian Group Belief.” (Working Paper)

Satopää, V. A., Salikhov, M., Tetlock, P., and Mellers, B. "Bias, Information, Noise: The BIN Model of Forecasting" (Major Revision in Management Science).

Satopää, V. A., Jensen, S. T., Pemantle, R., and Ungar, L. H. (2017) “Partial Information Framework: Aggregating Estimates from Diverse Information Sources.” The Electronic Journal of Statistics 11: 3781-3814. (Paper)

Satopää, V. A. (2016) Invited discussion of “Of Quantiles and Expectiles: Consistent Scoring Functions, Choquet Representations and Forecast Rankings” by Werner Ehm, Tilmann Gneiting, Alexander Jordan, and Fabian Krüger. The Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series B 78: 534-5.

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Social Learning:

Jia, Y., Keppo, J, and Satopää, V. A. "The Wisdom of Herding Crowd" (Working Paper)

Keppo, J., and Satopää, V. A. "Shepherding the Herd” (Submitted, Paper).

Palley, A., and Satopää, V. A. "Expert Selection Within a Single Judgment Problem" (Submitted, Paper)

Statistical Data Analysis:

Bertani, N., Satopää, V. A., and Jensen S. “Urban Planning of Safer Cities Based on Hierarchical Spatio-Temporal Forecasting of Crime” (In Progress)

Bertani, N., Satopää, V. A., and Jensen S. "Joint Bottom-Up Method for Hierarchical Time-Series: Application to Australian Tourism" (Submitted).

George, E., Rockova, V., Rosenbaum, P. R., Satopää, V. A., Silber, J. H. (2017) “Mortality Rate Estimation and Standardization for Public Reporting: Medicare’s Hospital Compare.” Journal of the American Statistical Association  112:519: 933-947. (Paper)

Silber, J. H., Satopää, V. A., Rockova, V., Wang, W., Hill, A., Even-Shoshan, O., George, E., and Rosenbaum, P. R. (2016) “Improving Medicare’s Hospital Compare Mortality Model.” Health Services Research 51.S2: 1229-1247. (Paper)

Klingenberg, B. and Satopää, V. A. (2013). “Simultaneous Confidence Intervals for Comparing Margins of Multivariate Binary Data.” Computational Statistics & Data Analysis 64: 87-98. (PaperSupplementary Material, (Fake) Data Set A and B of AEs, R/C++ Code for Restricted MLE, R/C++ Code for restricted GEE)

Satopää, V. A. and De Veaux, R. D. (2012). “A Robust Boosting Algorithm for Chemical Modeling.” Current Analytical Chemistry 8.2: 254-265. (Paper)

Other Topics:

Satopää, V. A., Albrecht, J., Irwin, D., and Raghavan, B. (2011). “Finding a “Kneedle” in a Haystack: Detecting Knee Points in System Behavior.” In ICDCSW ’11 Proceedings of the 2011 31st International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems Workshops, pp. 166-171. IEEE. (Paper, Code)