Timothy Van Zandt

TeX Stuff

In my youth I did some TeX hacking and came up with some neat things, particularly my renowned PSTricks software. Below is a list of the packages. The dates are as of the last time I touched them; some have been updated by others.

If you want to refurbish something, contact me first.

Package-------Version---Date----------Type------What for----------------------
PSTricks      PST97     1997 Mar 25   Generic   PostScript tricks
seminar.sty   1.0       1993 Apr 01   LaTeX     Slides and transparencies
fancybox.sty  1.0       1993 Feb 10   LaTeX     Tips and tricks for LR-boxes
poster.tex    0.92      1993 Feb 11   Generic   Posters and banners
2up.tex       1.2       1993 Jan 28   Generic   Two-up printing
npsfont.sty   1.0       1991 Nov 20   LaTeX     Define PS fonts with NFSS
colortab.tex  1.1       1993 Jun 16   Generic   Coloring and shading tables
multido.tex   1.4       1993 Jan 14   Generic   Loop with fixed-point arith.
xcomment.sty  1.2       1993 Feb 12   LaTeX     Printing selected environments
All of the packages can be downloaded from the TeX CTAN archive site and its mirrors, which include:

The CTAN URL's for PSTricks include:

There is a PSTricks mailing list at:

See also the following information pages: Look also for the Prosper class, which is built on seminar but includes more modern features.

The credit for updating PSTricks and keeping it alive goes to Denis Girou, Sebastian Rahtz, and Herbert Voss. Thanks!