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In English

Healthier Lives: Impact Through Collaboration, webinar with the CEOs of Danone, Nestlé, Royal Dutch Ahold, and others available here.  Download PPT presentation here

Live Interview on Singapore Channel NewsAsia

INSEAD 2017: presentation to the entire INSEAD community. Download PPT presentation here.

- How Food Marketing Makes us Fat... and What we Can Do About It.

OMNISHOPPER 2015 International Conference

- Understanding In-Store Package Size Perception and Preferences. Download here

NYU School of Medicine, Department of Population Health. September 2015. Download here.

- Pleasure, Size, and Marketing: Understanding and Influencing Portion Size Perception and Preferences

AgrosParisTech, Paris, December 2013. View video and slides here.

- Targeting food reward as a strategy to promote healthy foods and eating behaviors.

Obesity Week, Atlanta November 2013. Download here.

- Industry Use of Food Packaging to Influence Intake

Association for Consumer Research, Chicago IL, October 2013. Download here

- From Fan to Fat? Vicarious Losing Increases Unhealthy Eating but Self-Affirmation is an Effective Remedy.

Warwick University, Behavioral Science Group, UK, May 2013 Download here.

- How Packaging Makes us Fat: Volume Estimation Heuristics and Size Preferences. 

Harvard School of Public Health, Boston MA, March 2012. Click here for video and slides.

En Français

Journée Annuelle Benjamin Delessert, Paris 2019.

- Plaisir épicurien, plaisir viscéral et tailles des portions. Télécharger la présentation ici et un article ici

Journées francophones de nutrition, Nantes 2017.

- Comment le plaisir sensoriel influence notre alimentation. 

Les conférences de l'INSEAD, Fontainebleau, 2017.

- Notre alimentation sous influence Peut-on concilier santé, plaisir et marketing? Vidéo disponible ici.

Chaire UNESCO Montpellier, Février 2017.

Le plaisir sensoriel comme allié d'une alimentation plus saine Pierre CHANDON Se nourrir de plaisirs 2017 from Chaire Unesco Alimentations on Vimeo.

Université d'été GS1, August 2014. Téléchargez ici

- Etiquette réelle, étiquette perçue.

Best in Pack, February 2013,  Paris. Téléchargez ici.

- Les biais de perception de la taille des portions: Effets du Packaging et du Halo Santé.

Fonds Français Alimentation Santé, December 2012, Paris, France. Pour la vidéo et la présentation, cliquez ici et allez sur "Processus, décision, perception" (en haut) et puis "Design des Emballages".

- Les biais de perception créés par le design des emballages alimentaires. Vous pouvez également visionner cette interview:


Reality TV experiment based on my research with Yann Cornil on the slippery slope from fan to fat.

And here is an interview of me discussing this study

What role the industry should play

INSEAD Knowledge videos

Below, I discuss how food marketing affects how people eat:

Below, I discuss how marketers can moderate food portions without losing business

Below I discuss with my INSEAD colleagues Jean-Claude Larréché, Reinhard Angelmar, and Christian Pinson, why four of our cases are among the 10 most-read cases of the past 40 years according to the Case Centre.