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Brattle Distinguished Paper Prize in Corporate Finance (2012)
Best paper prize in the Financial Management Association European meeting (2011)
Second Prize at the Istanbul Stock Exchange Competition (2012)

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Working Papers

Price and Probability: Decomposing the Takeover Effects of Anti-Takeover Provisions, with Vicente Cuñat and Mireia Gine, R&R at the Journal of Finance

The Birth of a Multinational (2017), with Jim Goldman and Veronica Rappoport

More Women in Tech? Evidence from a Field Experiment Addressing Social Identity, (2017) with Lucia del Carpio

Competition and Private Benefits of Control, with Fangzhou Shi and Francisco Pérez-González, R&R at the Review of Financial Studies (permanent working paper)


Work in progress

The Perfect Match: Assortative Matching in International Acquisitions, with Veronica
Rappoport, Bernard Salanie and Catherine Thomas

Employee Health, Engagement and Productivity: Evidence from a Field Experiment,
with Zoe Kinias and Florian Schloderer

Promoting Employment of Disadvantage Youth, with Bruno Crepon and Alexandra
Relational Contracts in Teams: Evidence from an Agile Organization

Escaping the S-Curve, Is Agile the Answer? With Yves Doz