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Hubert Gatignon

The Claude Janssen Chaired Professor of Business Administration Emeritus


Welcome to my personal page

I have been Professor of Marketing at INSEAD since 1994.  I joined INSEAD in 1994 from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania where I was also Professor of Marketing.  I hold the Claude Janssen Chair in Business Administration at INSEAD. I graduated with a Ph.D. in Marketing from the University of California, Los Angeles in 1981.  My research interests involve (1) the marketing of innovations (e.g., modeling the factors influencing the adoption and diffusion of innovations), (2)  marketing  strategy (e.g., explaining and econometrically measuring how the effects of marketing mix variables change over conditions and over time) and (3) statistical analysis of management data.  Some of my most recent research concerns strategies for entering a market and for defending a brand's position, as well as international marketing strategy.

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New publication: "Making Innovation Last" - Vol. 1 & 2


Innovation is usually judged by the products and services that an organisation creates. The challenge for firms is to keep producing these innovative products in the long term and be constantly a step ahead of the competition. While many books deal with the management of an innovation project, Making Innovation Last considers the long term success of a firm. Authored by a trio of top international scholars who present pioneering new work on what it takes to create long term growth, the book examines the internal conditions that are likely to encourage sustainable innovation as well as what a culture of innovation should look like. By recognising that innovation strategies are multidisciplinary in nature, the authors present a case for taking each perspective into account before providing a full analysis of each strategy. Taking you through the practical aspects of launching new innovations in the market and the importance of customer involvement and addresses new areas for further research and investigation, the book explores innovation through both a technical and market point of view. This definitive work not only reflects the major schools of thought but helps managers assess their firm's ability to generate sustained growth.

Links to Publisher: Volume 1 - Volume 2


New edition of "Statistical Analysis of Management Data" Book

    This book is especially designed to provide doctoral students with a theoretical knowledge of the concepts underlying the most important multivariate techniques and an overview of actual applications.  It offers a clear, succinct exposition of each technique with emphasis on when each technique is appropriate and how to use it.  This third edition, fully revised, updated, and expanded, reflects the most current evolution in the methods for data analysis in management and the social sciences. In particular, this edition includes:

·         A new chapter on the analysis of mediation and moderation effects

·         Examples using STATA for most of the statistical methods

·         Example of XLSTAT applications

Featuring numerous examples, the book may serve as an advanced text or as a resource for applied researchers in industry who want to understand the foundations of the methods particularly relevant and typically used in management research, and to learn how they can be applied using widely available statistical software.

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Data Sets for examples and assignments from the Book: Download