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Hilke's published cases have a dedicated case web site where anyone can download an inspection copy, view videos or television commercials. These sites also have a password-protected section restricted to instructors. To view these restricted sections, identify yourself as an educator here and access these cases from INSEAD's new case portal. Alternatively, you can otbain a specific password for each case if you are identified as an educator on

Michel et Augustin Cookies: Culinary Adventurers Competing Against Food Industry Giants (A)

Award-wining multimedia case study (english & french) with video interviews and teaching note, with Hernan Bruno at INSEAD 2013.

case website:

The Michel et Augustin case tells the story of Michel de Rovira and Augustin Paluel-Marmont as they set up their company Michel et Augustin in 2005 to brand and sell sablé cookies. The founders have a vision of creating a brand that can prosper in a competitive market dominated by big players and full of commoditized offerings. Michel and Augustin have few resources or connections to the food industry, so they need to think creatively about their brand design and marketing plan.

Michel et Augustin Cookies: Internationalization of a French Brand Story (B)

More information coming soon - case currently in piloting phase.

Telenor: Reinventing Retail Banking in Serbia

A very timely multimedia case study with video interviews and teaching note, with Joerg Niessing at INSEAD 2017.

case website:

In this case study, we are analyzing how one of the biggest international telecommunications provider, Telenor, has used this weakness of financial institutions and has launched successfully the first mobile only bank in Serbia – Telenor Banka. The CEO of Telenor Banka is an INSEAD Alumni and is working with us on this case.
The case is dealing with creating a marketing plan for a new financial service in a new market. More specifically, the case discusses topics like digital marketing, digital disruption, customer experience strategies, customer segmentation, omni-channel strategies, and brand positioning & architecture strategies.