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Awards & Grants



  • 2017: Canada 150 Chair (CAN$ 2.5 Mio) “Consumer Neuroscience”, McGill University, Canada, declined
  • 2017: ANR Tremplin-ERC grant (€150K) “Brain Gut Decision”
  • 2016: ANR INSEAD Sorbonne Emergence grant (€50K) “Toward a motivational theory of placebo effects: How the brain mediates placebo effects of energy drinks on motivation” (together with Pierre Chandon and Mathias Pessiglione)
  • 2014: INSEAD Sorbonne Convergence grant (€100K) “Better to use your gut or brain? Information processing during self- control” (together with researchers from Sorbonne / Paris 6)
  • 2013: INSEAD Sorbonne Convergence grant (€43K) “Obesity: The Bidirectional Effects of Biology and the Environment” (together with Pierre Chandon and researchers from Sorbonne / Paris 6); Institute for Cardio-Metabolism and Nutrition (ICAN) grant (€120K) “Brain-Gut axis in food preferences” (together with researchers from Sorbonne / Paris 6)