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  • July 2020: Many believe that Covid-19 will only accentuate the process of deglobalization and put in question global value chain integration. In a post-Covid world, how are geopolitical, economic and social forces likely to shape the global strategies of companies? What are the potential strengths (and weaknesses) of large multinationals vis-à-vis local players? Can we still talk about a “multinational advantage”? And if so, where is that advantage likely to come from? In this webinar, Professors Monteiro and Witt build on their experience teaching and researching those topics to speculate about possible answers to those fundamental questions for global managers around the world."Global Strategies for a Post COVID 19 World" w/ Felipe Monteiro and Michael Witt
  • March 2020: Brazilian Deputy Minister for Foreign Trade & International Affairs Marcos Troyjo sat down with INSEAD Professor Felipe Monteiro to discuss the characteristics that define different eras of globalisation. INSEAD Knowledge: Marcos Troyjo on globalisation
  • Jan 2020: This year's Global Innovation Index (GII) focuses on “Who Will Finance Innovation?” - a growing concern since long-term investments may be sacrificed to more immediate economic and social demands during the pandemic. Bruno Lanvin, Executive Director of Global Indices at INSEAD, discusses how firms and countries will need to adapt their funding for much needed innovation.
    The GII is widely recognised as the premier tool worldwide for measuring innovation, which often establishes the competitive advantage of countries. The index benchmarks countries at the regional and income levels. The World’s Most Competitive Countries, 2020
  • Jan 2019 : The Global Talent Competitiveness Index takes a close look at entrepreneurial talent -- who has it and how to encourage it. Organisations, countries and cities need to capitalise on this resource for continued growth, say INSEAD's Felipe Monteiro and Bruno Lanvin. The World's Most Competitive Countries, 2019
  • June 2018: INSEAD Professor Felipe Monteiro spoke with Judge Sergio Moro, the Brazilian judge at the centre of Operation Car Wash, about his approach to leadership and confronting systemic corruption. Leadership Lessons from Judge Sergio Moro



  • May 2020 : Post-Covid recovery will hinge on how well countries leverage talent. This lends new relevance to international business school INSEAD’s 2020 global ranking of that capacity. Released in January, the school’s seventh annual Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI) weighs countries’—and major cities’—ability to attract, foster, and maintain talent. The 2020 GTCI focus on AI is also apt, given predictions that the coronavirus will speed trends like automation. Co-author Felipe Monteiro interpreted. Handicapping the global competition for talent

  • Oct 2017: How TAG Heuer Pivoted to Digital