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Current Teaching

  • MBA Program

- 2012-present: Global Strategy -> Latest Syllabus (May 2021)

This course focuses on understanding strategic issues that managers face in the cross-border setting, and on applying tools and frameworks that address these. The term “global strategy” refers to a multinational company (MNC) appropriately managing its geographic scope and cross-country linkages so as to leverage existing competitive advantages and/or create new advantages. In other words, global strategy is fundamentally about how well a company creates value across borders rather than only increasing its geographic footprint. Detailed case studies are used in the course to illustrate that the internationalization of the firm is a sequential decision-making process operating at the country, industry, corporate, business, and subsidiary levels of analysis.

The course is comprised of four parts:

The first part of the course, Globalization Pressures in a (Semi-) Globalized World examine the world's current state of globalisation and discuss how to assess industry pressures to globalize.

The second part, Creating Value and Overcoming Differences across Borders,  discuss strategic decisions in expanding into familiar (and sometimes more advanced countries).

In the third part, Competing in and from Emerging Markets, we will examine how to compete in and from emerging markets

Finally the fourth part, Creating Competitive Advantage through Global Innovation, will consider how to create competitive advantage through cross-border(open) innovation


- Introduction to General Management -> Latest Syllabus (January. 2021)   


  • PhD Program

Readings and Research on Multinational Enterprises  -> Latest Syllabus (June 2016)

  • Executive MBA

Digital Transformation in Latin America: A leapfrogging opportunity? (October 2018)

Managing in and From Emerging Markets, co-designed and co-taught with Joe Santos (September 2013 in Brazil)

  • Executive Education


Program Director, Stefanini Senior Leadership Programme on Digital Transformation, Brazil and France (February-March 2018)

Program Director, Programa Gestao Avancada (PGA), top management leadership program in partnership with Fundacao Dom Cabral (FDC), Brazil

Program Director and lecturer on “Global Strategy and Emerging Markets’ Multinationals”,Strategic Management for Business Leaders Program for CNI /IEL (Brazil’s National Confederation of Industry), August 2013/2014