Macroeconomics Links (Professor Antonio Fatas)

Size of Countries

Share of World GDP (PPP adjusted), all countries.

Size of countries (GDP) at market exchange rates, all countries.

Population, all countries.

Efficiency and Productivity

GDP Per Capita (PPP adjusted), 2020, all countries.

Energy Use and GDP Per Capita 

Demographics and Aging

Population pyramid, all countries.

Do countries converge?

Convergence in GDP per capita 1980-2019 (interactive), all countries. 

Convergence in GDP per hour 1950-2019 (interactive), selected countries. 

Determinants of convergence

Investment as % of GDP, 1980-2017, all countries. 

GDP Per Capita and Quality of Institutions 

Doing Business Ranking (World Bank), all countries. 

The Shape of Business Cycles and Financial Markets

Business Cycles 1980-2025. 

Robert Shiller data on the US stock market and PE valuations. 

Global Stock Market Valuations 

Imbalances and Debt

Current Account Balance (as % of GDP), all countries. 

Net Investment International Position (all countries)

Government Gross Debt (as % of GDP), all countries. 

Income nequality

World income distribution database (all countries) 

Health and Expenditures

Life expectancy and health care expenditures 

Additional Links to follow Macroeconomic events

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Mark Thoma's Blog (More academic, but lots of additional links) 

IMF World Economic Outlook (new issue every 6 months, updated every 3 months).

Project Syndicate (Economics Section). A great source of economic analysis.

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