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Blog posts & short articles about luxury

Style and status are hallmarks of high-end brands (Pictet report, 24, Spring 2019)

The Marketing Message That Works with Republicans but Not Democrats (Harvard Business Review Blog, August 2018)

How Testosterone Influences Men’s Preferences for Luxury Products (INSEAD Knowledge, July 2018).

L'expérience, ce nouveau luxe (Harvard Business Review France, February 2017)

Creative Types Need a Balance of Searching and Selling (INSEAD Knowledge, October 2016)

Managing Digital Consumer Influence in Luxury (INSEAD Knowledge, September 2014)

The Challenge of Creating Digital Content for Luxury Brands (INSEAD Knowledge, August 2014)

Building a Luxury Brand Image in a Digital World (INSEAD Knowledge, August 2014)

Brands need to keep up with changes in China’s luxury consumption patterns (INSEAD Knowledge and South China Morning Post, May 2014)

Why Social Media is Luxury’s Best Friend (INSEAD Knowledge and South China Morning Post, November 2013)

Journeying to luxury’s new frontiers (South China Morning Post, September 2013)


Blog posts & short articles about digital & social media strategies

Leading Effective Insights & Brand Strategy in a Digital World: The 4S Data Framework (European Business Review, August 2018)

The Building Blocks of Digital Transformation: Intelligence, Integration and Impact (European Business Review, August 2018).

Big data, better decisions? (Indian Management Review, December 2017)

The Medium Shapes the Message: The Surprising Negative Spin of Close Friends’ Word-of-Mouth (GfK Marketing Intelligence Review (November 2017)

The Four Types of Big Data That Matter for CMOs (INSEAD Knowledge, September 2017)

The Digital Marketing Value Loop (Strategy+Business Interview, February 2017)

Lessons in Digital Transformation from the Hotel Industry (INSEAD Knowledge, January 2017)

A Framework for Driving Digital Transformation (INSEAD Knowledge, November 2016)

The Building Blocks of Digital Transformation: Intelligence, Integration and Impact (European Business Review, September 2016)

Making Digital Marketing Strategy Work (INSEAD Knowledge, June 2016)

Close Friends Could Darken Word-of-Mouth Marketing (INSEAD Knowledge, March 2016)

Integrating Digital Intelligence into Brand Strategy (INSEAD Knowledge, February 2016)

Three Steps for Successful Digital Integration (INSEAD Knowledge, October 2015)

Leveraging Communities to Create Social Media Momentum (INSEAD Knowledge, October 2015)

The Dark Side of Social Media: Did Facebook, Twitter and YouTube kill Charlie? (INSEAD Knowledge, January 2015)

Content Marketing is About Trust, Not Just Reach (INSEAD Knowledge and Forbes, September 2014)

Quelle stratégie sur les réseaux sociaux? De l'écoute digitale à la communication digitale (Harvard Business Review France, August 2014). Reprinted in the Harvard Business Review France Expert (Special Issue Dec 8th 2016)

When Warhol Meets the Web: How A/B Testing Revolutionises Product Development and Maximises Impact (INSEAD Knowledge, July 2014)

The Future of Social Media ROI: From Likes to Relational Metrics (INSEAD Knowledge and Forbes, April 2014)

The Decision-Making Edge of Social Business (INSEAD Knowledge and South China Morning Post, February 2014)

Content Strategy is King in Social Media (INSEAD Knowledge and South China Morning Post, January 2014)

Google, The Network Company: From Theory to Practice (INSEAD Knowledge, November 2013)

Social Media In B2B Marketing: Publish Or Perish! (Forbes Magazine, June 2013)

Long view guides social media strategy (South China Morning Post, June 2013)

What do Voltaire and Social Media Have in Common? (INSEAD Knowledge, February 2013)

How to Stop Rumors Before They Ruin Your Brand (Forbes Magazine,  September 2011)


Blog posts & short articles about the effect of power on leadership & behavior

How Communicator and Audience Power Shape Persuasion (INSEAD Knowledge, March 2016)

The Two Big Ways Power Transforms a Person (Harvard Business Review Blog, February 2016)

How to Increase Leader's Moral Authority (INSEAD Knowledge, November 2015)

Power Shapes Who and What Consumers Value (INSEAD Knowledge, May 2014)

Does Social Class Impel Bad Behavior? (INSEAD Knowledge, January 2015)

Power Boosters: How to Land That Job When You Think You Can't (INSEAD Knowledge, April 2013)