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Stock Market Comovements and Industrial Structure(with Ilian Mihov) forthcoming Journal of Money Credit and Banking

Crisis and Consumption Smoothing (with Paddy Padmanabhan) Marketing Science, May-June 2011, Vol. 30, No.3

Corruption and Bilateral Trade Flows: Extortion or Evasion (with Daniel Traca) Review of Economics and Statistics, November 2010, Vol. 92, No.4

With Whom Do You Trade? Defensive Innovation and the Skill-bias  (with Daniel Traca) Canadian Journal of Economics, November 2010, Vol. 43, No. 4

International Trade and Unemployment: Theory and Cross-National Evidence (with Devashish Mitra and Priya Ranjan) Journal of International Economics, June 2009, Vol. 78, No. 1

Trade Protection and Bureaucratic Corruption: An Empirical Investigation Canadian Journal of Economics, February 2009, Vol. 42, No. 1

Inequality and the Instability of Polity and Policy (with Devashish Mitra) Economic Journal, August 2008, Vol. 118, Issue 531

Labor versus Capital in Trade-Policy: The Role of Ideology and Inequality (with Devashish Mitra ) Journal of International Economics, July 2006, Vol. 69, Issue 2. NBER Working Paper; Data

Political Ideology and Endogenous Trade Policies: An Empirical Investigation (with Devashish Mitra ) Review of Economics and Statistics, February 2005, Vol. 87, Issue 1. NBER Working Paper; Data

Endogenous Trade Policy through Majority Voting: An Empirical Investigation (with Devashish Mitra), Journal of International Economics, October 2002, Vol. 57, Issue 2. Data


"Political Economy of Agricultural Distortion Patterns: The Role of Ideology, Inequality, Lobbying and Public Finance" in Anderson, K. (ed.) The Political Economy of Agricultural Price Distortions, Cambridge University Press, 2010. Data

"Big Business Stability and Economic Growth: Is What’s Good for General Motors Good for America: Comment” in Ito, T. and Rose, Andrew K. (ed.), Financial Sector Development in the Pacific Rim, East Asian Seminar on Economics Volume 18, NBER 2007.

“Labor Market Outcomes and Trade Reforms: The Case of India” in Hasan, R. and Mitra D. (ed.) The Impact of Trade on Labor: Issues, Perspectives and Experiences from Developing Asia, Elsevier Science B.V. (North-Holland). 2003.

Dutt, Pushan. in Craig Calhoun (Ed.) Dictionary of the Social Sciences. New York: Oxford University Press. (Co-wrote the entries in Economics), September 2001.


Working Papers (Revise & Resubmit):

Does WTO Matter for the Extensive and the Intensive Margin of Trade? (with Ilian Mihov and Timothy Van-Zandt) R&R at Journal of International Economics

When Corruption Begets Corruption: Welfare Analysis and the Role of Bureaucratic Wages Under Multiple Equilibria R&R at Scottish Journal of Political Economy


Working Papers:

Democracy and Policy Stability (with A. Mushfiq Mobarak)

Trade  Diversification and Economic Development (with Ilian Mihov and Timothy Van-Zandt) Preliminary and Incomplete


Current Research Projects:

Anticipated vs. Unanticipated Political Instability (with Ilian Mihov)

Learning to Corrupt (with Daniel Traca and Ana-Maria Santacreu)

Poverty, Inequality, and Development (with Ilia Tsetlin)

Fair Wages and Unemployment (with Devashish Mitra and Priya Ranjan)